Important Notice for our loyal, appreciated customers and new customers as well:

After many years, we are transfering our mail order Alpine Geranium business to our nephew, Paul, and his wife, Joyce Larson who have operated Sprucedale Gardens in Woodstock, Connecticut for 17 years. They have a reputation for doing excellent work, and we feel confident leaving the business in their hands. You may contact them directly at or by phone at (860) 974-0045. A new website is being put together that will allow you to order on-line as well. The site should be available soon at

We have enjoyed having contact with so many nice people in our geranium business. We thank you for your support over the years and wish you well and much success in gardening.

With warmest regards, Bill and Evelyn Larson

Alpine Geraniums

xAlpine balcony geraniums are the Ultimate Geranium. Popular in Europe, these geraniums cascade heavily from window boxes and balconies. The Alpines' single blossoms create masses of color. They can survive the heat of summer when other plants often fail. These amazingly versatile geraniums also do well in partial shade and cooler temperatures.

Alpines are featured in a variety of colors and three growth habits: the long and trailing "Balcon," the full "Midcascade" and the compact "Mini". When planting any of them, use four or five Alpine plants for a 10" hanging basket and one plant every 6" in window boxes.


Balcon Series

Balcons grow long and trailing (up to four feet in a season), so they need occasional pinching – one time when a stem reaches 10"-12" and throughout the season if any stems grow extra long. Visit our Geranium Care page for information on "pinching."

2011_8Balcon Royale - Intense scarlet

2011_9King of Balcon - Medium salmon-pink
Princess_Balcon01Princess Balcon - Pinkish-lavender

Mixed Balcons - Mix of scarlet, pink and lavender in one pack, each color identified.


Midcascade Series

With lighter green stems and ever-so-slightly variegated leaves, these Alpines are shorter-trailing (up to three feet.) 
Their many branches give the "Mids" a nice, full shape.

AcapulcoComCas_cuAcapulco - Bright pink with white center

MidLav01Mid Cascade Lavender
MidPinkFischSHRMid Cascade Pink - Salmon-pink
MidRedFischSHRMid Cascade Red
Mid_Cascade_WhiteMid Cascade White - White with pink blush

Mid Casade Mix - Mix of red, pink and lavender in one pack, each color identified.


Minicascade Series

The "Minis" are more compact than the "Mids."
They create a low, branchy mound of color, trail moderately (to two feet) and are extremely prolific bloomers.

J00MiniLavMini Lavender - Vivid lavender

J00MiniPinkCuMini Pink - Medium salmon-pink
Mini_Cascade_RedMini Red - Light scarlet

Mini Mix - Mix of red, pink and lavender in one pack, each color identified.