Important Notice for our loyal, appreciated customers and new customers as well:

After many years, we are transfering our mail order Alpine Geranium business to our nephew, Paul, and his wife, Joyce Larson who have operated Sprucedale Gardens in Woodstock, Connecticut for 17 years. They have a reputation for doing excellent work, and we feel confident leaving the business in their hands. You may contact them directly at or by phone at (860) 974-0045. A new website is being put together that will allow you to order on-line as well. The site should be available soon at

We have enjoyed having contact with so many nice people in our geranium business. We thank you for your support over the years and wish you well and much success in gardening.

With warmest regards, Bill and Evelyn Larson

Ivy Geraniums

xIvy geraniums grow like ivy, spreading and trailing into long cascades or compact mounds. The blossoms are full and abundant, with semi-double or double flowers depending on the number of petals. Like all geraniums, they do best in sun, but can also tolerate some shade. Ivies are show-offs in hanging baskets, window boxes and planters, but they also work well as ground covers or accent plants.

For best results, plant one ivy geranium every six to nine inches, and use three to five plants in a 10" hanging basket.





BarockContessa Dark Red (Barock) - Dark red, full, semi-double blossoms; fresh green foliage; good heat tolerance

chiroccoFreestyle Lavender - Soft lavender-pink; glossy trailing foliage; good heat tolerance
Merlot_J00_RescanGlobal Merlot - Rich, velvet burgundy, semi-double flowers; dark green zoned leaves; full growth habit
Global_Neon_Cherry_RescanGlobal Neon Cherry - Vivid, iridescent cherry-rose; rich green foliage; full well-branched plant
GlobalSoftPinkGlobal Soft Pink - Clear, medium pink; medium compact plant with rich green foliage
J00WhNicoleWhite Nicole - White, semi-double blooms; dark zoned leaf; well-branched